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Learn more about SMSF and Divorce


  • The event of divorce will instigate a process of dividing assets in an SMSF as super is part of the marital asset base. Australian super legislation (SIS Act), tax law and family law increase the complexity of the process and it is important to plan carefully and seek advice.
  • The process of splitting an SMSF will depend on whether the members have reached their preservation age and can access their super. Consideration must also be given to the taxable and tax-free components of the super assets.
  • Members must decide if they will remain in that fund, open a new SMSF or move to a different fund. Matters will be further complicated if the members are individual trustees, rather than directors of a trustee company.
  • If a member is leaving the SMSF, some assets may need to be liquidated and careful planning for tax implications is necessary. In addition, unlisted assets, such as real estate within the SMSF will have to be valued.
  • Should members have insurance under their SMSF, the divorce may initiate changes to binding death nominations
  • Should there be third-party members in the SMSF, the impact on them must also be considered.



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SMSF and Divorce

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The advantage of receiving advice

SMSF and divorce  can be a complex matter and needs to be executed in a particular order and defined manner. Using an expert can alleviate mistakes that could result in penalties and unnecessary tax payments.

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Forman Accounting Services Pty Ltd is a SMSF specialist.  Our main adviser Solomon Forman has over 30 years’ experience.  He has been accredited by the SMSF association as SMSF Specialist Adviser  and also as SMSF Specialist Auditor.  Our sister company Forman Financial Services Pty Ltd holds an AFSL and provides investment and financial advice.  As a group we able to provide you with comprehensive services including tax, accounting, financial planning and investment advice.
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Navigating Divorce: How Expert SMSF Guidance Transformed Financial Complexity into Empowered Beginnings

Emma and David had built a life together that revolved around shared dreams, laughter, and their Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). Little did they know that life's unpredictable twists awaited them, and the strength of their SMSF would be tested in the crucible...

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