Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

We offer meticulous SMSF administration services. One of the biggest risks when it comes to self managed super fund investments is to have partial knowledge of the statutory requirements. Unlike life, common sense cannot be the guidance to the legal requirement. A seemingly trivial matter overlooked can be the factor to trigger a non compliance outcome which can result in an adverse outcome and financial losses due to high penalties and taxes. Being a highly experienced and knowledgeable SMSF adviser, we establish administrative systems that cover all regulatory requirements.

Trust Deed
The SMSF Trust Deed is the foundation base and has to be established correctly. A SMSF with a complex structure in investment strategies needs a top quality Trust Deed that ensures that the fund will not face a negative outcome. On the other hand, a simple fund may just require a simple Trust Deed which will reduce the costs. When we assess the required Deed, we take into consideration the complexity of the fund structure investment and match the Trust Deed to it. (SMSF can always update the Trust Deed if needed.)

One of the main purposes of a super fund is to provide retirement benefit which can be paid in the way of a pension. Our services will include establishing the pension when required.

Accounting – Tax Return and Statutory Requirements
Our inclusive service package includes all the accounting, tax return and statutory requirements of your SMSF.


Our charges will depend on the complexity of work.

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