Special Disability Trust

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How does a Special Disability Trust maximise my benefits while caring for a family member with a severe disability?

Special Disability Trusts provide a financial structure to support a family member with a severe disability. They also give you peace of mind – knowing there is a plan to meet ongoing care & accommodation requirements for your loved one.

What are the benefits?

  • may enable qualification & maximisation of Centrelink benefits for contributors & beneficiaries
  • taxation benefits and capital gains tax exemptions
  • safeguard & control of assets
  • supports ongoing general health, well-being and social interaction of disabled dependents

Is a Special Disability Trust the right approach for my family?

Complete this simple checklist:

Does your family member have a severe disability?
The beneficiary must be assessed by Centrelink as ‘severely disabled’ due to a severe physical, intellectual, psychiatric or behavioural disability or medical condition.

Do you already qualify for partial Carer Payment and want to maximise your benefits?

Do you have investment assets which have a potential capital gains tax liability if you liquidate them to help the disabled person?

What can a Special Disability Trust be used for?

It can be used for limited purposes including:

  • reasonable accommodation for the person with the disability
  • care costs arising from the disability
  • medical expenses (eg health insurance)
  • maintenance expenses on trust assets
  • discretionary spending (currently up to $12 250 (as of 1st of July, 2019) each financial year)

Learn more about how Special Disability Trusts have helped others:

David qualified for the Age Pension using this strategy.

Simon minimised a potentially high capital gains tax bill.

Click the links below to learn about the benefits of Special Disability Trusts (video)

Quick Overview

Information for Ageing Parents

Information for Beneficiaries of Estates

5 Steps to Establish and Run an SDT


Contact us if you meet the above criteria to arrange an appointment today. We provide consultation face-to-face, online or over the telephone.


How can Forman Accounting Services help?

We provide three services:

  • Confidential consultation regarding the benefits of Special Disability Trust, including the analysis of how it can benefit your circumstances.
  • Establishment of Special Disability Trust
  • Ongoing administration, taxation & reporting

A confidential consultation with Forman Accounting Services starts from only $1,100.

Contact us to arrange an appointment today. We provide clients with a face to face meeting at our office in Bondi Junction or via Skype for your convenience.

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