Are you considering establishing a special disability trust for a loved one with a severe disability? It’s a significant step, but one that can provide crucial support and financial security. However, before diving in, it’s important to understand the key requirements and steps involved in setting up a special disability trust.
This guide will help you navigate the process, covering:

Determining Eligibility: Ensure your loved one meets the definition of severe disability through Centrelink or DVA assessment.

  • Establishment Methods: Choose between a trust deed or a testamentary trust (created through a will).
  • Key Elements of the Model Trust Deed: Adhere to compulsory clauses to maintain special disability trust classification.
  • Commencement Date and Rate Determination: Understand how the trust begins and how payment rates are assessed.
  • Relationship Dynamics: Learn about limitations on beneficiaries and trusts.
  • Handling Compensation Payments: Ensure funds are used exclusively for care and accommodation needs.
  • Investment Rules and Strategy: Develop a strategy aligned with the trust’s purpose, considering risk, diversification, and more.
  • Real Estate Investment: Explore options for owning property for accommodation or rental income, adhering to relevant regulations.


Establishing a special disability trust requires careful planning and adherence to legal requirements. By following this guide and seeking expert advice from a qualified accountant specializing in Special Disability Trusts, you can create a valuable financial framework that offers vital support for your loved one.

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